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Direct Mail Systems provides tailored, flexible and effective mailing house solutions to meet clients needs, and exceed their expectations.

Founded in 1974, Direct Mail Systems is a Bristol based fulfilment and mailing house, providing organisations access to a complete range of mailing and data processing services.

Direct Mail Systems expertise is in rapid response mail production. Our 12,000 sq ft mailing house facility has a huge range of printing, enclosing & wrapping equipment to accommodate all your mailing needs.

Trusted Since 1974

Direct Mail Systems provides effective direct mail solutions for public consultations, managed from start to finish. 

What are Public Consultations? 

Public consultations, as part of a direct mail campaign, refers to the use of direct mail as a communication channel to engage the public and gather feedback or input on specific issues or initiatives. It involves sending mailings to individuals or households within a target audience to inform them about the consultation process and even invite their participation. 

Public consultations are regularly carried out by charities, public authorities, local infrastructure companies and many more. They are ideal for public notifications about traffic restrictions, building zones, government information and change in bin collection, to name a few.

What We Offer

At Direct Mail Systems, we are experienced in data processing, printing, fulfilling and delivering effective public consultation direct mail for the UK’s leading organisations. We understand the need for an efficient and reliable direct mail house when delivering public consultations and can support you with engaging the general public with your communications. 

We’re experienced with working directly with organisations as well as with public consultation specialists in fulfilling successful and effective direct mail campaigns. We know the need for constant communication in a public consultation and for this to be delivered to a high-quality, on-time and to the right people. 

We will manage the entire project from start to finish:

Data Supply

We can support clients with data supply for their public consultation campaign. We will work closely with you to understand your project, objectives and target audience, whatever the size, and tailor our data search to your needs. 

We source our data through a comprehensive geographical data search from The Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF) which contains over 30 million UK postal addresses, and perform radical searches for grid references that fit your project. We therefore make sure we have the right, and most accurate, address data for your campaign so that your communications get in front of the eyes of the right people. Plus, we won’t be beaten on data supply costs!

Printing & Production

We can print and produce all your public consultation material for your campaign, using our state-of-the-art machinery and technology to deliver a premium and professional result every time. We are flexible in our approach and our team are experts in their field, giving advice on cost-saving solutions and best practices. We offer a variety of printing solutions, including inkjet personalisation, digital printing and offset printing. 

Postage & Mailing

The postage and mailing of your public consultation mailers are in safe hands at Direct Mail Systems. We have great postage discounts for our clients, especially for bulk direct mail, and are experts in providing streamlined mail management that’s cost-effective and delivered efficiently. 

Why Use DMS for Public Consultations?

We understand the importance of conducting a seamless public consultation campaign. Our goal is to provide you with a professional, informative, and efficient service and assist you in clearly communicating with your target audience. 

At Direct Mail Systems, we are experts in delivering notifications accurately, efficiently, and promptly to residents' letterboxes and you can rest easy, knowing that your campaign is being fully managed from start to finish within one house. We have successfully supported various organisations, charities and public bodies in successfully delivering effective public consultations. 

Next Steps

If you’re interested in working with us on your next public consultation campaign, get in touch with the team. They’ll provide you with a free quote and answer all your questions. 

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