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Direct Mail Systems provides tailored, flexible and effective mailing house solutions to meet clients needs, and exceed their expectations.

Founded in 1974, Direct Mail Systems is a Bristol based fulfilment and mailing house, providing organisations access to a complete range of mailing and data processing services.

Direct Mail Systems expertise is in rapid response mail production. Our 12,000 sq ft mailing house facility has a huge range of printing, enclosing & wrapping equipment to accommodate all your mailing needs.

Trusted Since 1974

Direct Mail Systems offers an informative and reliable direct mail returns management service that reduces waste.  

The Importance of Returns Management

No matter how well-planned or executed a direct mail campaign is, it’s important to have a solution in place that manages any returned or undeliverable mailers. Although returned mail can be disappointing for a client, it doesn't mean that the campaign was not successful. In fact, it can provide real learnings and opportunities to improve future campaigns. 

Our returns management service therefore acts to process any mail that for some reason, has been returned as undeliverable, and provides insight into why it was not able to be delivered, allowing clients to improve their data for future sends.

What We Offer

We offer a comprehensive and reliable returns management service that effectively manages and processes any returned mail. Our clients can choose to have our address as the destination of returned mailers, whereby we can easily carry out the returns process. There are several services we can perform: 

Cleanse Your Data

We can cleanse the data of any returned mailers, noting the reasons for the return (such as a change in address) and reporting on any patterns. This will ensure that your data is kept up to date and you will not be repeating sending to undeliverable addresses in future campaigns. 

Returning Non-Delivered Mailers To You

We can organise for all your non-delivered mailers to be sent back to you directly. 

Open & Sort

We can open and sort through the returned mail, sourcing the unopened promotional materials so that they can be reused and not go to waste. We can either send these back to you, or we can use them again within another campaign. 

Recycling & Destroying

We can responsibly recycle any returned mail, as well as securely destroy any that may contain sensitive or personal information on your behalf. 

The Benefits of Our Returns Management Service 

There are many benefits to using our returns management service when it comes to your direct mail campaigns. 

  • Helps reduce waste of materials 
  • Improves long-term cost-efficiency
  • Keeps mailing lists up to date
  • Reduces environmental impact 
  • Can improve ROI
  • Provides insights for future campaigns
  • Helps optimise future budgets 

Why Use DMS for Returns Management? 

At Direct Mail Systems, we are experienced in all aspects of direct mail, including returns management. Our reliable service allows our clients to rest easy knowing they will have clear insights into any non-delivered mail, and it be dealt with responsibly and effectively. 

Next Steps?

If you’re interested in our returns management service for your direct mail campaigns, then get in touch with the team to get started and discuss the options that work best for your business. 

Call us on 0117 934 1600 or contact us online by clicking here.