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Founded in 1974, Direct Mail Systems is a Bristol based fulfilment and mailing house, providing organisations access to a complete range of mailing and data processing services.

Direct Mail Systems expertise is in rapid response mail production. Our 12,000 sq ft mailing house facility has a huge range of printing, enclosing & wrapping equipment to accommodate all your mailing needs.

Direct mail is a marketing tool that has been used by businesses around the world for many years. However, as digital marketing alternatives have grown alongside the ever-growing interconnected world, direct mail has received more and more doubt. Questions around its efficacy have begun to arise yet the reality is quite different. In this blog post, we will explore some tips for creating visually appealing direct mail pieces to stand out from competitors and yield as much engagement and return as possible. 

  • The Art of Direct Mail 

  • Visually appealing Direct Mail and Engagement 

  • Designing Direct Mail: What to consider 

  • 5 Tips for creating visually appealing direct mail 

  • Delivering successful direct mail campaigns with DMS 

The Art of Direct Mail 

Whilst many think that direct mail is a dying trade in the 21st century when up against digital alternatives such as social media and email marketing, the reality of it is quite different. Many statistics reveal that direct mail is in fact a highly effective marketing tool, with over 96% of direct mail being engaged with by recipients, as revealed by the Direct and Marketing Association (DMA). 

Additionally, direct mail has been found to drive 92% of recipients to engage with online associated platforms and additionally drives nearly 60% of recipients to purchase products following engagement with these mail advertising campaigns. 

These staggering statistics demonstrate exactly how important direct mail remains in the marketing industry. With it assured that direct mail should still play a pivotal role in mailing campaigns, what is important is that direct mail is created to stand out from competitors, ensuring that the mail sent out is engaging and relates directly to your targeted audience.  

Visually Appealing Direct Mail & Engagement 

One of the crucial ways to engage customers with direct mail and drive sales is through creating visually appealing material. From colour choices to typography, each element of direct mail design should be carefully considered. Various studies on the psychology of direct mail reveal the impact of these factors on engagement. These studies show that visually stimulating content can be processed faster and more efficiently by the brain, in the end making this content more impactful and memorable. 

Designing Direct Mail: What to Consider

When designing direct mail there are a number of components that should be thought through to make content as engaging as possible. These include: 


The first key consideration when designing direct mail is knowing your audience. When sending out mail, understanding your target audience should be at the forefront of your decision making taking into account their demographics, their interests and social trends.


Choosing the right typography is another design element that we suggest you carefully consider. Experiment with a range of font styles and sizes but remember it should always be easy to read and align with your brand’s personality. 


When it comes to designing visually appealing direct mail, the colour palette is everything. Selecting a colour palette that not only compliments your brand identity but also reflects the tone and content of the mail campaign is the best way to evoke emotion in your audience and draw targeted attention to areas of importance. 

Imagery & Graphics  

Incorporating high-resolution imagery and graphics is another key element when it comes to designing direct mail. These images should be carefully selected to align with the desired message and audience and printed to a high quality. Captivating visuals have been shown to play an influential role in evoking emotion and conveying information, in fact, it has been found that content with engaging imagery receives 94% more views than content that is text only. 

5 Tips for Creating Visually Appealing Direct Mail 

1. Personalisation 

Personalisation is a go-to way to make direct mail content engaging to your audience. When content is personalised to the recipient, for example by including their name or unique offerings, it can increase engagement and response rates, given the content is more relevant to the recipient. 

2. Utilise creative design elements 

Visually appealing direct mail needs to stand out from the crowd. With an abundance of plain direct mail coming through the door, using creative design elements in your direct mail design is an assured way of making sure recipients pick your piece of direct mail out from the rest. Some of the ways you could do this are unique-shaped mail pieces, embossing text, 3D designs, unique materials or a die-cut design. 

3. Integrate QR codes 

Our third tip for creating visually appealing direct mail campaigns is making use of QR codes. QR codes are not only an easy way to engage recipients with the content but are also great to incorporate into call-to-actions, collect data and a way to connect your offline and online activity. 

4. Custom packaging 

Amidst numerous white envelopes, using custom envelopes and packaging is an effective way of piquing curiosity. Unconventional packaging such as bright colours or designs increases the likelihood of your mailing campaign being opened and engaged with. 

5. A captivating copy 

Crafting a compelling copy is a simple but effective tool for creating visually appealing content. This not only means careful consideration of your target audience and adjusting the copy accordingly but also ensuring that there is neither too much nor too little copy in the mailer. 

Delivering Successful Direct Mail Campaigns with DMS 

If you are looking to bring your ideas of visually appealing content to life, partner with us at Direct Mail Systems. We are a leading direct mailing company that offers a rapid, flexible and reliable service for all print and direct mail requests. 

When looking to create a captivating piece of direct mail, DMS can assist. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and expertise in all things print and fulfilment, producing designs that will exceed your expectations. Our service promises to help you execute a successful direct mail campaign with a streamlined process.

From data capture to printing and mailing, we will ensure your direct mail is delivered accurately and on time. To find out more, click here, and receive a free quote today.

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