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Direct Mail Systems provides tailored, flexible and effective mailing house solutions to meet clients needs, and exceed their expectations.

Founded in 1974, Direct Mail Systems is a Bristol based fulfilment and mailing house, providing organisations access to a complete range of mailing and data processing services.

Direct Mail Systems expertise is in rapid response mail production. Our 12,000 sq ft mailing house facility has a huge range of printing, enclosing & wrapping equipment to accommodate all your mailing needs.

A well-designed direct mail piece can capture attention, engage recipients, and drive them to take action. Whether it’s driving sales, store visits or sign-ups, design is a crucial aspect of creating effective direct mail campaigns. In this article, we will explore some essential design tips to help you maximise the impact of your direct mail printing.

9 Design Tips for Effective Direct Mail Printing

Need to make an eye-catching direct mailer for an engaging and successful direct mail marketing campaign? Here are our top 9 tips for effective direct mail printing. 

Set Your Objective

First things first, make sure you are clear on the campaign objective. The design and messaging of a direct mail piece that aims to drive sales is likely to be very different to one that is encouraging email sign-ups. Set the objective and this will help you stay on track to make a compelling mailer. 

Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding your target audience is key when designing an effective direct mail campaign. Make sure that your overall design, copy and imagery are suitable for your audience and appropriate for their demographics, interests and behaviours. The more a recipient can relate to a mailer, the more they will engage and thus result in an effective mailer. 

Use Eye-Catching Imagery 

Using eye-catching imagery is key for effective direct mail printing. Not only will it set your mailer apart from the competition but it is more likely for recipients to engage. When designing the mailer, make sure to use high-resolution imagery for the most professional results. Images such as product photos, lifestyle images, or illustrations that resonate with your audience are all good choices. Just make sure they are of high quality as blurry images could negatively impact your campaign. If you are unsure of the requirements, speak to your printers for confirmation. 

Be Clear & Concise With Your Messaging

Direct mail pieces have limited space, so it's essential to communicate your message concisely. Craft a compelling headline that grabs attention and conveys the main benefit or offer. Use subheadings and bullet points to highlight key points and make the content scannable. Remember, recipients are likely to skim through the mail, so make sure your message is easily digestible.

Use a Strong Call To Action (CTA)

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is essential for effective direct mail and should always be a part of the design. A CTA should clearly state what you want the recipient to do next, whether it's visiting your website, calling a phone number, or redeeming a voucher. Consider using attention-grabbing design elements such as arrows, bold fonts, or colour contrasts to draw attention to your CTA.

Pay Attention to Colour & Typography

Colour and typography are powerful design elements that can enhance the impact of your direct mail piece. Choose colours that align with your brand and evoke the desired emotions. When designing your piece, make sure you are saving your design in the right colour mode for printing. There are usually some differences between colours on a monitor screen and when it’s printed, and if not managed correctly can leave some marketers feeling disappointed with the end results. To rectify this, make sure your design is saved in a CMYK colour mode to ensure the colours are printed as you intend them. 

When it comes to typography, use legible fonts that are easy to read. Experiment with font sizes, weights, and styles to create a visual hierarchy and guide the reader's eye through the content and towards the final CTA. 

Consider Using Personalisation

Personalisation can be a really impactful and effective way of connecting to a recipient. Personalised content can evoke brand loyalty and a recipient feeling valued by a company. Research shows that personalised mail is 35% more likely to drive a sale and will be read and re-read 4.5 times, on average. Therefore including personalised aspects in a direct mailer is a great design tip which is easily executed providing you have the required customer data, for example, customer name or purchase history.

Think Outside the Box

There are so many design possibilities when it comes to direct mail printing, we encourage you to think outside the box! A direct mail print house will be able to support you with bespoke requests and help produce engaging mailers that will keep you a step ahead of the competition. Whether it’s upgrading a basic flyer to include custom stickers, or a glossy brochure, get creative with your designs. 

Get the File Format Right

An essential design tip for ensuring effective direct mail printing is getting the file format right for printing. There is nothing more stressful than getting your design ready for print for it than to be in the wrong format. Make sure you know what file requirements and set-up are needed for your piece before you start the design process, that way you won’t have any unexpected surprises later on.  

Use a Direct Mailing House 

Did you know that a direct mailing house can help you with your design? At Direct Mail Print, we have a team of designers who will be able to help you design an engaging and effective direct mail campaign. They are experts in their field and can ensure your design is printed as intended and to a high standard. 

Effective Direct Mail Printing with DMP 

Designing effective direct mail printing requires careful planning and attention to detail. By following these design tips, you can create compelling direct mail pieces that capture attention, engage recipients, and drive desired actions.

At Direct Mail Printing we provide high-quality on-demand printing for all your direct mail printing needs. Whether it’s promotional flyers, a product brochure or postcards, we make the process simple and hassle-free. Upload your artwork or let us design it for you! Our expert team are always on hand to help if you have a query or question about your mailer. 

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