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Founded in 1974, Direct Mail Systems is a Bristol based fulfilment and mailing house, providing organisations access to a complete range of mailing and data processing services.

Direct Mail Systems expertise is in rapid response mail production. Our 12,000 sq ft mailing house facility has a huge range of printing, enclosing & wrapping equipment to accommodate all your mailing needs.

With the focus of marketing strategies nowadays tending to lean towards digital marketing, given the rising influence of these online platforms as successful marketing channels, it can be easy for direct mail to become redundant. In reality, direct mail continues to be a successful and effective channel for communicating marketing efforts and can be further strengthened when integrated alongside multi-channel marketing strategies. In this blog post, we will explain what exactly is direct mail and how it can be combined with a variety of further marketing strategies such as digital marketing, and consequently become an influential tool for businesses to utilise.

What is Direct Mail? 

Direct mail is a traditional marketing strategy used by businesses all around the world. It is a physical form of communication between the business and the customer which involves sending and receiving mail. This mail can take the form of brochures, leaflets, catalogues and more, delivering these items directly to the customer. Businesses send this mail to customers that fit their target market, data-driven information that is acquired through segmentation strategies.

Despite being a very traditional, and some may argue an ‘outdated’ marketing approach, direct mail continues to prove effective for businesses. Direct mail connects to the consumer like no other marketing strategy. Where it can be easy to delete and not read an email or scroll past a promotional social media post, direct mail delivers this same content to the customer’s physical hand making it undeniably effective. 

Is Direct Mail a Successful Marketing Channel? 

The traditional marketing tool, direct mail, remains a successful marketing channel for many businesses on a global scale. Studies show that direct mail gets a better response than alternative digital channels such as email marketing, and response rates of direct mail are up to 3.8% higher than that of emails, proving this to be a successful channel. 

Direct mail is also successful when assessing its return on investment (ROI), which sits at an average of 43%, surpassing digital alternatives. This high customer engagement rate, paired with its financial performance, evidences direct mail as highly effective.  

What is a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy? 

A multi-channel marketing strategy, also called omni-channel marketing, involves leveraging multiple marketing channels, those traditional and more modern, to reach and engage with a business’s customer base. Examples of channels that can be integrated into this multi-channel strategy include social media, email, print ads, direct mail and more. This integrated strategy aims to create a seamless experience for customers across a range of touchpoints, to increase brand visibility and consequently drive sale conversions. 

Combining Traditional & Digital Marketing Efforts 

Although digital marketing efforts have revolutionised the way that brands engage with customers, making these interactions more accessible than ever, traditional marketing efforts retain significant value. By combining these two contrasting marketing channels, businesses can create a much more cohesive marketing strategy, one that maximises customer reach and the impact of these marketing campaigns. This approach bridges any gaps between offline and online interactions. 

How Can Direct Mail be Used Within a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy?

Direct mail plays a crucial role in carrying out a successful multi-marketing strategy and can both complement and enhance digital channels. Some of the ways that direct mail can be used within a multi-channel marketing strategy are as follows: 

Target non-responders 

An area where digital marketing efforts such as email marketing can fall short, concerns low response rates. This can be due to several reasons, such as the high volume of email marketing received by customers daily. Therefore, integrating direct mail into this strategy can be a great way to target these non-responders. 


Direct mail can be used as an opportunity to drive digital traffic. Encouraging direct mail recipients to engage with online platforms will have an overall positive impact on business performance. Including vouchers and promotional codes in direct mail encourages recipients to visit websites and make online purchases. 

Brand reinforcement 

As a tangible piece of promotional material, direct mail serves as a direct reminder of a brand’s presence. If this similar presence can be supported by digital platforms, this cohesive branding can reinforce brand awareness.  

Increase engagement rates 

Print marketing has been shown to perform better at sticking in consumers’ brains. Research shows that print marketing engages the brain in a different way to digital marketing, showing how this integrated approach will encourage greater and deeper engagement. 

Tips for Multi-Channel Marketing 

When implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy that integrates direct mail, businesses should consider the following to maximise the effectiveness of this approach: 

1. Provide accessible links between on and offline platforms 

A great way to seamlessly integrate direct mail and digital marketing is through QR codes. Including this small addition to direct mail, customers are taken directly onto online platforms, which encourages a cohesive brand experience. 

2. Track and measure results 

Using analytic and tracking tools is key for performance monitoring. Identifying the areas customers are engaging with allows you to refine your multi-channel strategy and optimise this with data-driven insights

3. Experimentation 

In order to achieve the best results from your multi-channel marketing strategy, it is important to try a range of formats, messages and channel contributions to identify what resonates best with your audience. 

The Advantages of Using Direct Mail 

There are several advantages associated with using direct mail in a multi-channel marketing strategy: 

  • High response rates - As demonstrated, direct mail’s high response rates positively influence customer base size and engagement. 
  • Tangibility - Direct mail offers a physical touchpoint that digital alternatives cannot replicate.  
  • Personalisation - Direct mail provides an opportunity for highly personalised messaging through market segmentation and targeting. 
  • Offline integration - This traditional form of marketing seamlessly integrates a business’s online presence with its offline presence, creating a holistic marketing strategy. 

Create & Send Direct Mail with DMS 

At DMS, we understand how important it is to create engaging and professional direct mail, and the impact this can have on the success of a marketing campaign. We offer a fully personalised service across a range of direct mail options such as mailshots and postcard marketing, combined with our experienced team to help you deliver a successful direct mail campaign. We know how crucial it is for direct mail to be data-driven which is why we also offer an accurate and rapid data capture and response service

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