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As businesses navigate the complexities of modern marketing landscapes, the role of traditional strategies like direct mail often comes into question. However, amidst the digital age's vast array of online platforms and technologies, direct mail retains a compelling relevance. In this article, we delve into the effectiveness of direct mail in the digital age, its enduring impact, unique advantages, and strategic integration within contemporary marketing approaches. By understanding how direct mail continues to carve out its place alongside digital strategies, businesses can unlock new avenues for engagement and success.

  • Direct Mail In The Digital Age

  • How Effective Is Direct Mail?

  • Combining Direct Mail With Digital Marketing

  • Creating An Effective Direct Mail Campaign 

Direct Mail In The Digital Age

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, direct mail continues to hold its ground as a viable strategy. While online platforms offer unparalleled reach and targeting capabilities, there's a distinct place for direct mail in the marketing mix. It provides a unique opportunity to engage with audiences on a physical level, standing out amidst the digital noise. On average a piece of direct mail is looked at for 108 seconds across the course of a month, while the average door drop is viewed for 46 seconds. 

Moreover, direct mail allows for personalised experiences, using data analytics to tailor content and offers to individual recipients. In an era where digital saturation can lead to message fatigue, receiving a thoughtfully crafted piece of mail can evoke a sense of novelty and authenticity. Nearly 2 in 3 people say direct mail attracts their undivided attention.

Additionally, direct mail can complement digital efforts, serving as a tangible touchpoint that reinforces online interactions and drives offline conversions. By integrating direct mail into a comprehensive marketing strategy, businesses can harness its effectiveness to captivate audiences and drive results in the digital age.

How Effective Is Direct Mail?

The statistics below demonstrate the effectiveness and relevance of direct mail and indicate that it continues to be a valuable marketing channel.

Response Rates

According to the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), the response rate for direct mail to a house list is around 9%. In comparison, email marketing typically sees a much lower response rate, averaging around 1%.


Research by the USPS found that 47% of Millennials check their physical postbox each day, and 73% of consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it at their convenience.

Purchase Intent

A study conducted by the Canada Post revealed that direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media. Currently, the average attention span of an internet user is just 8 seconds. Therefore, direct mail leads to higher brand recall and stronger purchase intent among consumers.

Trust & Perception

Direct mail is universally trusted. According to a study by Epsilon, 61% of consumers enjoy receiving mail from brands they like, and 77% sort through their physical mail immediately upon retrieval. Additionally, research by MarketReach found that 70% of people say direct mail makes them feel valued.


Direct mail consistently delivers a strong return on investment (ROI). Campaigns with mail in the mix are 52% more likely to report ROI benefits. The DMA reported that in 2020, the average ROI for direct mail was £35.41 for every £1 spent, demonstrating its cost-effectiveness and ability to drive sales and revenue.

Combining Direct Mail With Digital Marketing 

Combining direct mail with digital marketing enables marketers to create campaigns that maximise reach, engagement, and conversion opportunities, resulting in more impactful and successful marketing outcomes. Below are some of the benefits you will see by combining both methods.

Increased Reach & Frequency

By utilising both direct mail and digital channels, marketers can reach their target audience through multiple touchpoints, increasing brand exposure and staying top-of-mind with consumers. This multi-channel approach ensures broader coverage and reinforces messaging across various platforms.

Enhanced Personalisation

Direct mail allows for highly targeted and personalised communication based on demographic, behavioural, or transactional data. By integrating digital technologies, such as personalised URLs or QR codes, recipients can be directed to custom landing pages or interactive online experiences, further enhancing personalisation and engagement levels.

Cross-Channel Engagement

Direct mail in the digital age can serve as a catalyst for driving online interactions. Including digital calls-to-action (CTAs) in direct mail pieces, encourages recipients to visit websites, engage on social media platforms, or sign up for email newsletters. Conversely, digital channels can promote the arrival of direct mail pieces, creating anticipation and prompting recipients to engage with physical mail upon receipt.

Data Integration & Measurement

Integrating direct mail with digital marketing allows for seamless data collection and measurement across channels. Marketers can track responses, conversions, and customer behaviour both online and offline, providing valuable insights into campaign effectiveness and ROI. This data-driven approach enables continuous optimisation and refinement of marketing strategies.

Complementary Strengths

Direct mail offers tangibility, credibility, and a personal touch that digital channels sometimes lack. On the other hand, digital marketing provides immediacy, interactivity, and the ability to reach audiences in real-time. By combining these strengths, marketers can create more engaging and memorable experiences that resonate with consumers on multiple levels.

Creating An Effective Direct Mail Campaign

Creating an effective direct mail campaign can be done in three steps. 

  1. Firstly, you must clearly outline the goals of your direct mail campaign. Whether it's driving sales, increasing brand awareness, generating leads, or promoting an event, having specific objectives will guide your strategy and measurement metrics. 
  2. Secondly, use data insights to personalise your direct mail content and offers for individual recipients. Utilise elements such as the recipient's name, relevant purchase history, or tailored recommendations to enhance relevance and engagement. 
  3. Lastly, integrate direct mail with other digital marketing channels, such as email, social media, or digital advertising, to create a cohesive campaign experience.

Trusted by many since 1974, Direct Mail Systems (DMS) has everything you need to create the perfect campaign. From data processing and enrichment services to print services to postage solutions, our experienced Mailing House can help land your campaign right on the doorstep of your audience. Get a quote today and see what you can do with Direct Mail Systems.

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