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It is easy for e-commerce brands to only think digital and disregard more traditional marketing activity, such as direct mail. However, direct mail marketing can be an effective way of driving online sales through print media. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about direct mail marketing for e-commerce, its benefits and a 360 degree approach can be the most effective. 


The Power of Direct Mail in E-commerce

In the digital era, it's easy to overlook the power of traditional marketing methods like direct mail. However, direct mail remains a highly effective strategy for e-commerce businesses to drive online sales and engage with customers in a tangible and personal way. The Data and Marketing Association (DMA) have found that direct mail engagement increased by 5% within just one year, suggesting direct mail is far from dead and is in fact proving to be increasing in effectiveness. 

Other research shows how direct mail can be a gateway for further online engagement, leading to a conversion, especially with Gen Z, whereby 40% are more likely to claim that direct mail can change their mind about a brand compared to the average UK adult. Furthermore, research shows that after receiving direct mail, 92% have been driven to online activity, 87% have been driven to make an online purchase and 86% have connected to a business online. 

A 360 Degree Approach

A 360 degree approach is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating a seamless and integrated customer experience and targeting strategy that operates across multiple channels and touchpoints. It aims to provide a consistent brand message and a cohesive customer journey across channels such as email marketing, billboards, digital ads, social media and of course direct mail, to target a customer via all communication methods.

This is where a direct mail campaign can complement an e-commerce business and work alongside their other marketing activity, as well as be a standalone campaign. By combining the physicality of print with the convenience of online shopping, direct mail marketing can create a unique and memorable experience for recipients.

8 Benefits of Using Direct Mail to Drive Online Sales

1. Stand Out From a Digital World

As a society, we are constantly inundated with promotional emails, our social media feeds are full of ads and online banners are a constant presence. Direct mail, therefore, offers a refreshing break from the digital noise and has become a way for companies to break free from the oversaturated online space. 

A well-designed and targeted direct mail piece, such as a flyer or brochure, can capture the recipient's attention, making a brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

2. A Tangible Aspect

Being an e-commerce brand, everything is digital. Providing a tangible piece of branded material via a direct mailer can therefore be an extremely effective way of placing a physical aspect of a brand into the hands of the target audience, that is otherwise only visible through a screen. Tangible direct mail has been shown to improve brand recall, increase engagement and brand loyalty. 

3. Personalisation & Targeted Approach

Direct mail allows for highly personalised and targeted marketing campaigns. By analysing customer data, purchase history, and browsing behaviour, e-commerce businesses can create tailored direct mail pieces that resonate with individual recipients. Personalisation can include customised offers, product recommendations based on previous purchases, or even personalised URLs for a seamless online shopping experience. This personalised approach increases the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

4. Drive Traffic to Online Platforms

Direct mail is more than just the physical mailer and can be a powerful tool in driving traffic to an e-commerce website or social media platforms. A study conducted by DMA found that after receiving direct mail, 54% of recipients engaged in social media and 43% downloaded something. 

Including QR codes, unique tracking URLs, or promotional codes in the mailer encourages recipients to visit an online store or landing page, all with a seamless approach that makes for a good customer experience. It also allows a business to track engagement and conversion rates and decipher the success of the direct mail campaign.

5. Retargeting Opportunities

Direct mail can also be used as a retargeting strategy for customers who have shown interest in products or visited the website but haven't made a purchase. By segmenting an audience and sending targeted direct mail pieces to these potential customers, it acts to nudge them towards completing the purchase. This combination of online tracking and offline engagement increases the chances of conversion and customer retention.

6. Enhance Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Another benefit of using direct mail to drive online sales is that it creates a sense of exclusivity and personal connection with customers. By including personalised notes, exclusive offers, or even samples of new products, a sense of loyalty and appreciation can be fostered among customers. Direct mail pieces can also include invitations to join loyalty programs, follow social media accounts, or participate in referral programs. By actively engaging customers through direct mail, you strengthen the bond and encourage repeat purchases.

7. Measurable Results 

Direct mail campaigns can be tracked and measured to determine their effectiveness and return on investment (ROI). Analysing these metrics allows for refined targeting, messaging, and design strategies for future campaigns, ensuring a higher ROI.

Driving Online Sales Through Print

Direct mail marketing offers e-commerce businesses a powerful tool to drive online sales and engage customers in a tangible and personalised way. By standing out in a digital world, personalising the messaging, driving traffic to online platforms, and integrating with other marketing channels, direct mail becomes an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. It allows businesses to create memorable experiences, foster customer loyalty, and measure the impact of their campaigns. 

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